The Orpheum and Two Beards Presents:


Riptorn, Prophecy Z14, Forged With Blood

Fri, July 27, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

The Orpheum

Tampa, FL


This event is all ages

Ever since their brutal, self-titled Roadrunner Records debut over a decade ago, Deicide has not only set the standards for Death Metal, but they have continued to raise the levels of intensity and extremity in a genre that is as extreme as they come. Never content, Glen Benton and his musical cohorts in Deicide – Eric and Brian Hoffman on guitar and Steve Asheim on drums--have once again plunged to new depths of extreme noise terror with In Torment In Hell. With eight all new songs packed tightly into just over 30 minutes of music, this is an album without filler.

Terrorizer magazine (the final authority on extreme music) honored Deicide as having recorded one of the 100 most important albums of the 1990's. Indeed, aftershocks of Deicide can still be felt, from the sounds of hardcore heavyweights Hatebreed, to nü metal phenoms Slipknot not to mention countless death metal plagiarists in between. Deicide remains a true benchmark for brutality, a fact that was never lost on the band's outspoken vocalist/bassist Glen Benton.

In Torment In Hell, like all of Deicide's previous releases, was recorded in the band's home state of Florida at Morrisound Studios with the band producing themselves. A rejuvenated Benton and the rest of his musical assassins will unleash their extreme metal maelstrom to their ravenous fans this summer. With the sheer brutality of In Torment In Hell and having just completed a major US headlining tour with Gorguts and Marduk, the Deicide killing machine shows no signs of slowing down. "The reason why we've existed so long is because we're an extreme band that's original," Benton concludes. "I like that fact that after all these years we're still underground. We don't give a fuck about selling a million records."
A thrash revival troupe inspired by the gruff demeanor of actor Rip Torn in the classic film "Freddy Got Fingered".
Prophecy Z14
Prophecy Z14
Extreme Florida Death Metal ranging from hyper speed blasts to brutal breakdowns \m/
Forged With Blood
Forged With Blood was formed in 2009, by the brothers Ian. and Darroll Eveland. Demian Gordon (lead guitar), joined in 2010. Mike Pawson (Vox), joined in April of 2011. In 2012 Cass Kring, replaced original drummer DJ Tucker, rounding out the bands line up. We give full support to the Tampa Bay Metal scene, and all the incredible bands that keep this scene sick.