Death Angel


Death Angel

Threat Signal, Bonded By Blood, Wretched, Potential Threat, Maverick Hunter, Ulcer

Fri, October 12, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

The Orpheum

Tampa, FL

This event is all ages

Death Angel
Death Angel
Among the youngest bands ever to storm the metal genre, Death Angel has come to be known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene in the early 1980s, an era when one could catch Cliff Burton (Metallica) at the front of the stage at Ruthie's Inn banging his head to Death Angel's inventive style, and speedy, complex arrangements
Threat Signal
Threat Signal
Threat Signal arose from the filthy, industrialized east end of Hamilton Ontario Canada in late 2003. A detuned, syncopated, melodic metal machine, Threat Signal combines the complexity thrash metal, with a more contemporary groove sound involving technical rhythms, and melodic musical passages.

Before the band had played a single live show, their home recordings generated a significant interest online. The song 'Rational Eyes' hit #1 on the international independent music website and remained in the top position for over 2 years. This prompted many record labels to take notice. One label in particular fit perfectly with the bands vision, and in 2005 Threat Signal inked a deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

Threat Signal's debut album 'Under Reprisal' was recorded with producer Christian Olde Wolbers (Fear Factory/Arkaea). "Its without a doubt my favorite album of 2006," Wolbers remarks, "A mix of Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, Soilwork… a true Canadian phenomenon!" Veteran mixer Tue Madsen added the final touches to the album and it was released internationally in August 2006. Embraced by fans and critics, perhaps the most meaningful praise for the album came in the form of the Canadian Recording of the Year award bestowed upon the band in their hometown at the 2006 Hamilton Music Awards.

After supporting Under Reprisal on the road for over 2 years, Threat Signal entered the studio in November 2008. They recorded their second album 'Vigilance' with vocalist/producer Jon Howard (Threat Signal/Arkaea). Fellow Canadian Greg Reely was chosen to mix and master the album and it was released under Nuclear Blast Records September 8th 2009.

The third, self-titled Threat Signal album is due for release under Nuclear Blast records in October 2011. Recorded and produced at Planet Z studios by metal mastermind Zeuss (CHIMAIRA, HATEBREED, ALL THAT REMAINS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, BORN OF OSIRIS, SHADOWS FALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, ARSIS). Artwork was created by Colin Marks (ORIGIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, SUICIDE SILENCE, EXODUS). This will be Threat Signal's heaviest and most dark sounding effort to date.

Threat Signal has performed live with Soilwork, All That Remains, Opeth, Hatebreed, Darkest Hour, Mnemic, Protest The Hero, Testament, Saxon, Nevermore, Lordi, Motorhead, Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, Scar Symmetry, Kataklysm, and many more…
Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood
At the turn of the 21st century, the Crong had fulfilled their undercover quest for global domination. The masses of the people had been deceived. The complete structure of the world's governments had been nothing more than a coldly calculated scheme for complete and total world domination, aimed solely at one purpose - human genetic encryption. They were the "men" behind the curtains, the ruling elite pulling the strings, and a desperate, dying race. For millennia, the Crong had been banished, deprived, and exiled to earth. No longer able to breed as a cybernetic species, they found that the key to their survival laid hidden deep within the human genetic code. In order to obtain this, they needed to divert the people's attentions elsewhere.
The world's population reduction program had begun. First, there was the calculated collapse of the world's economy. Then war, parasitic plague, and anarchy soon followed. Starvation and genocide spread like wildfires. The age of endless wars had begun. One by one, the world powers disappeared from the face of the planet. Entire nations and continents were wiped out by bombs. The systematic separation and segregation of humans soon followed. Specimens were gathered, placed, and imprisoned in designated sectors for genetic experiments. Most of the remaining humans, no longer able to resist, willingly accepted and welcomed the segregation as "salvation". The Crong had placed out the bait and we took it. An end to war, famine, and pain; a One World Government! Those who resisted faced imprisonment, persecution, and ultimately death as they were labeled enemies to humanity.
Now, here we are, approximately six-hundred years after the bomb, hidden safely in an underground vault. No one knows much about the future on the surface above, beyond what we have already stated, but we are soon to find out. We form part of a skilled tactical group of warriors whose mission is nearly, if not, impossible - to completely dismantle the Crong, overthrow their intergalactic regime over our planet and take back what's rightfully ours! In times of great adversity, the courage of few will prosper over those who conspire against them. Will you survive against those who are Exiled to Earth?
Taking a page from each of the anthologies that METALLICA, MEGADETH, AT THE GATES, and BEHEMOTH have written, WRETCHED has bound together their own unique volume of stylishly structured death/thrash metal masterpieces.
No question about it, WRETCHED is ready to play music for the musicians and masses alike eagerly awaiting this thought provoking sound. With an enormous level of energy during their live perfor- mances, a show attendee leaves overly-satisfied but still craving more.
Bursting with tight riffs and energetic melodies, WRETCHED are prepared to make their mark in the metal world with their new take on old school thrash metal. They offer up their own metallic at- tack that is dense, intricate, and stylishly structured.
On their newest venture, Beyond The Gate, WRETCHED accompanies their punishing music with concept-based lyrics that will take the listener on an ethereal voyage through alternate worlds and leave them desperately searching for a way to return home, no matter how grave the sacrifice may be. The album features a piece composed and orchestrated by new guitarist John Vail, and performed by the University of South Carolina Sym- phony Orchestra; noting guest appearances by Jesse Clasen of Charlotte, North Carolina band Harvard, Andy Lynn on violin, and Randy Nashleanas on cello.
What began as a jam band in 2005 has evolved
into the progressive thrash band of WRETCHED. Steven Funderburk (Guitar) and Marshall Wieczorek (Drums) knew the first time that they played together that there was a strong connection that shouldn't be overlooked. Influences such as Megadeath, Metallica, Blink 182, and the Misfits are heavily evident in both their musicianship and mindset. "The connection to these bands has influenced the style of playing and writing as well as the work ethic of the group," states Funderburk.
The band prides themselves on their knowledge of music theory and composition, which has been a big benefit in making quality music. "Every piece of music we compose is analyzed down to the last note," "We put feeling and soul into our music, and we write it to the best of our ability" states Funderburk. After a listen of their music you can definitely tell that this band is as true to heart as they say they are. Previous album reviews from magazines such as Outburn have cited that "the briefest listen proves how dedicated these musicians are to their craft" and that their solos "demonstrate both proficiency and a devotion to melody". WRETCHED is a dedicated band that practices weekly as a group, something unheard of today, and members of the band have rigorous individual practices, to improve as musiciansand excel in their ever on going passions for music. Never laying to rest on their morals they are consis- tently trying to improve as individual musicians and to create a tighter collective whole.
The band is gaining a strong following in their home state of North Carolina which spans as far as Texas and back up through New York. WRETCHED believes that online promotion and communication with fans at shows has helped aid their success. A testament to that, they have a strong following
along the East Coast where they have implemented their DIY touring. Regardless of their thrash metal sound, they draw a wide variety of audiences, rang- ing from old school metal fans to hardcore kids across the globe. In the true WRETCHED fashion they are demolishing barriers and trends alike to pro- duce something so awe striking everyone is turning their heads to take a peek.
WRETCHED has done four US tours since the end of 2008, with over 175 shows. They have shared the stage with label-mates WITHIN THE RUINS as well as notable bands like Knights of the Abyss, Kill- whitneydead, Vital Remains, Diskreet, Antagonist, And Hell Followed With and The Demonstration. With all of this touring experience and non-stop energy, the band is bringing in fans by the hoard; everyone wants to hear and see this exploding force of metal apocalypse.
Maverick Hunter
Maverick Hunter
Maverick Hunter was born of blood, sweat and booze in the once fertile metal heartland of Tampa Bay. Founding member Jeff Pouring spent years scouring the Florida metal scene searching for a worthy line-up to bring Maverick Hunter to life while simultaneously composing the entirety of the upcoming self-titled release. Get ready Florida, the hunt is on!
ULCER plays much like an old school death metal band, with roots in both the hardcore and grindcore areas, making them hard to pigeonhole or appoint to a specific genre. Sometimes technical and sometimes very straight forward, they manage to create their sound without mimicking other groups of similar intent. The studio recordings found on this page were done live with no layering of tracks or cheating, making ULCER a call back to the glorious days of metal when bands sounded the same on their recordings as they did live. Since forming in Ft. Myers some 15 years ago, ULCER has garnered a great deal of respect from many of the biggest bands in the metal scene, and since their return they have continued to make many new friends and contacts. To fully understand the power of this band, one must witness their live performances which completely set them apart from the norm. Come and see it first hand. you will not be disappointed.