The Road To The Sphinx: Day Two


The Road To The Sphinx: Day Two

Prevailer, Entity, Agerasia, My Story Told, Siege of Malakand, Coralise, Voyager, Reveal Renew, Front runner, Megalith

Thu, January 31, 2013

Doors: 4:30 pm / Show: 4:30 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)

The Orpheum

Tampa, FL

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

The Road to the Sphinx
Your Performance:
Your band will be playing in front of an A&R rep (s) from Sumerian Records and Headbang for the Highway. Your band is competing for a regional time slot on Summer Slaughter or All-Stars for round 1. In addition, if your band should be chosen as the winner of your Headbang date, you will advance to the 2nd round of 3 to play a regional semi-final for a Sumerian Records recording deal. In the second round you would compete with 6-9 other bands with the same style of judging as round 1. Bands winning the second round will be required to travel to Hollywood, CA to play with 9 other bands where at least one band will be chosen as the winner and signed to a Sumerian Records recording deal. Bands will be responsible for their own travel and expenses on all the shows.
• Your band should play no more than 4 songs and should limit sets to 15 minutes. As this is a label showcase, this will be strictly enforced and your band should be prepared to bring their "A" game and play nothing but your best 4 songs.
• To enter, your band must be unsigned. Play with passion, confidence and perform with conviction.

Judging is based on song writing, originality, stage presence, crowd reaction and tightness of playing. Ticket sales do not determine the winner. The winner is ultimately based on talent and perceived potential, not ticket sales. However, we strongly believe bands should be getting as many fans and friends out as possible to support them. Headbang for the Highway gives out brutally honest, yet constructive criticism. Think "Simon" from American Idol, but constructively.
The judges will speak with each band individually after their set to give constructive, but brutally honest criticism.
Siege of Malakand
Reveal Renew
Reveal Renew
Reveal Renew is not just our name, it's a statement in itself. Reveal Renew is a change of perspective through music, and a realization that we are meant for something much greater. We stand only by grace, and share these creations to show that there is life to be lived and in abundance as well. Standing divided rather than united seems to be the trend these days, but if we were to see compassion as more of a cure than a disease, then maybe true freedom can be achieved. Take these songs for what they are. Phrases for the living.