Tides Of Man, Goodnight Neverland

the orpheum presents:

Tides Of Man, Goodnight Neverland

Sat, January 14, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm (event ends at 10:30 pm)

The Orpheum

Tampa, FL

$10.00 - $13.00

Tides Of Man
Tides Of Man
Tides Of Man is a instrumental indie rock band from Tampa, Fl.
Oceana is a post-hardcore band out of St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida. They currently released their debut album called “The Tide,” on March 4th, 2008 through Rise Records.

Keith - Vocals
Alex - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Guitar
Robbie - Bass
James - Drums/Vocals
Jeff - Lights/Samples
Goodnight Neverland
Goodnight Neverland
With a name taken from a movie about Peter Pan, you might wrongly expect Goodnight Neverland to write songs reliving the tales of the immortal boy and his moody fairy companion. The reality, however, is that the band chose to appeal to the magical and mysterious sensibilities invoked in the name. And, to me, it sort of ignores the green clad hero altogether in order to embrace a more meaningful notion: “Hold on to whatever childishness you do have left so that you don’t get swept Into the sea of the mundane world” After listening to the album as a whole, the name made the most sense to me in that way. Hold on to what makes you who you are. I’ve heard it asked before “what’s in a name?” and in this case- everything.

Perhaps I’m wrong, I don’t know.

What I do know is that as a band, not a name, Goodnight Neverland has embraced a popular style of indie rock that perfectly showcases singer/songwriter Kerry Courtney’s incredible vocal ability. While the bands influences are clearly present in their latest release Oceans In The Clouds, it is difficult to pigeon hole them just yet. As the EP moves, the musical aspects of it change and distort in really cool ways. The subtle use of odd counts, half measures, and catchy leads take the stereotype of indie rock formula and throw it out the window, allowing the band to stay creative and innovative even when the vocals are taking precedent. This quality not only makes the EP listenable but gives it a replay value far beyond my expectations.

My favorite track off of the EP is “Weary Mind” because of the flowing, almost waltz like, rhythms and piano lead which give the song the magical feel the name alludes to. Lyrically every track seems to document Kerry’s attempt to cope with the passing of his mother, an emotional ride that connects you to the songs on a deeper level. When listening you can almost feel the heartbreak that must have gone into the writing and it makes you stop in your tracks. It’s amazing that such beautiful art can come from such terrible things. I give the EP a 9 out of 10 for taking me to Neverland, if only in spirit.

Other notable tracks on Oceans In The Clouds are “Take Your Time” and “Falling Not Flying”